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Welcome to 
Black Rock Trees, LLC.

Black Rock Trees is a B & B wholesale nursery located in Craigmont, ID. Our nursery has various species of conifers, deciduous trees, and deciduous shrubs. We only sell to those that have a nursery license and are in the green industry. This includes developers, retail nurseries, and landscape professionals. Sorry, we do not sell to the public.

Our stock is especially adapted for the Rocky Mountain Region due to the wind, cold, and our "dryland approach". Most plants are zone 2-4 hardiness. Our conifers range from 8 ft. and up in height and our shrubs range from 4 ft. and up in height. Our deciduous trees range from 2 in. and up in diameter.

Please enjoy browsing our catalog and availability to view the species we grow here at our farm. To view our pricing in our availability, please call the office at 208-924-6741 for a password.


We would like to extend an open invitation to visit Black Rock Trees to view our available nursery stock for your landscaping needs. Please contact us to schedule a visit.

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