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Boise, Idaho

Bozeman, Montana

Casper, Wyoming

Denver, Colorado

Jackson, Wyoming

Reno, Nevada

Salt Lake City, Utah


236 Miles

398 Miles

808 Miles

1044 Miles

581 Miles

634 Miles

573 Miles


Ball Size










200 lb.

400 lb.

600 lb.

1200 lb.

1500 lb.

2000 lb.


Destinations from Craigmont, ID

Size and Weight of Plant Material

Ave. # / 45 ft. Trailer 

150 – 160

120 – 130

80 – 90

35 – 40




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Black Rock Trees, LLC. requires all truck drivers/firms hauling our plant material to have a professional nursery tarp that is in good working condition: solid grommets and no large tears/holes. Truck drivers also need an adequate supply of bungee straps to secure the tarp to the trailer.

Shipments are F.O.B. (field site) at our nursery field site and, therefore, travel at the risk and expense of the Buyer. Where damage or delay occurs in shipment, claims are made to the transportation company immediately. All risk of loss or damage to plant material shall be upon the Buyer from field site and after delivery to a contracted carrier or to Buyer, whichever occurs first. Such cost shall not relieve Buyer from any obligation.

Customers are required to pay all shipping cost directly to the truck driver before any plant material is to be unloaded. 

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